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Launch copywriter, SEO copywriter, conversion copywriter—let’s forgo the ego-inflating jargon in favor of down and dirty marketing tactics that enable you to achieve your goals.

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It’s my least favorite part of my job (besides taxes): selecting pieces to show you what I can do.

While some clients like to keep their work shrouded in CIA-level secrecy, these are projects I’m allowed to share and that I loved creating. I’m also happy to talk through how these pieces evolved or dig through the archives if you’re thinking, “But have you done X, Y, Z?” After 10+ years of crafting copy for startups to Fortune 500 companies across a range of industries, the answer is probably “yes.”

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You + Me = Wildly Effective Marketing

(According to a now-defunct boy band, you + me = us, but that's neither here nor there ...)


Whether you're looking for brand development, a multichannel campaign concept, or "just need someone to say this, but better," I can work with you/your creative team/your agency to make it happen.

Content Marketing

Content creation is only a smart move if it's backed by a smart content strategy. I can help you nail both—without sounding like 5,000 SEO keywords were smashed into the blog post or eBook.

Icing on the cake

UX? Check. Creative direction? Yup. Copy coaching? That, too. There are few things I can't help out with (baking monkey bread is one of them), but talk to my clients so they can toot my horn for me.

Your A-Team Copywriter

Your A-Team Copywriter

After working with multi-million dollar companies, I could pull out some b-s metrics about how I’ve helped my clients earn millions and can help you do the same.

Have I written sales pages that led to hundreds of thousands in sales? Sure, but there are brilliant folks sending the right traffic to that page, so that it has eye-popping conversion rates. Are content pieces I’ve written showing up on page #1 in the SERPs? Yup, but there are other brilliant folks behind those, too.

Let’s be real: generating millions in revenue is a team effort—an A-team effort. If you’re looking for an A-team copywriter to join your already-incredible A-team, let’s chat!

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That Freelance Life

That Freelance Life

Whether you’re looking to work with a freelancer or are a freelancer yourself, you’ll find some helpful tidbits on the blog.

(Yes, that’s my cat. No paws were burned.)

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Tooting The Horn

  • “Kate is one of our most valued writers — no matter what we give her,
    we trust that the writing she turns around will be smart, thoughtful,
    creative and always on time.”

    Anna Goldsmith | Partner, The Hired Pens
  • “I have worked with many writers and editors in the publishing field over the course of my career. Kate Sitarz is one of the very best I’ve encountered. Talented, smart, hard-working, creative, and innovative, Kate was an asset to my team. She’s a gifted writer, a top-notch copyeditor, and a pleasure to work with on a daily basis. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

    Josh Roberts | Executive Editor, Smarter Travel Media
  • “Kate is an absolute blast to work with. She strikes a nice balance between her ability to give constructive feedback (to help fellow writers grow) and her openness in accepting opinions and critique on her own work gracefully. Having just started my career in copywriting when we first became colleagues, I can say she has been an invaluable resource in my growth as a writer. Any project or team would be lucky to have her.”

    Jason Schneider | Copywriter, iStock
  • “While working with Kate, I was constantly impressed. She is an incredibly strong copywriter, able to adapt quickly to different types of work and client requests while balancing a full workload easily. She was well-respected on our team as a natural leader, providing clear feedback and guidance to others. Kate was a project manager’s dream to work with – always collaborative and engaging, producing work above and beyond what was asked of her. I’d absolutely recommend Kate, and hope to have the chance to work with her again in the future.”

    Ashley Mulholland | Project Manager, Wunderman
  • “Kate is, hands-down, one of the best writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Her work is quality, every time, and she can take minimal direction (or information) and produce something that is on brief and on deadline. That in and of itself is remarkable enough, but Kate’s overall enthusiasm and jump-in spirit show through in everything she does. You rarely have to ask her to do anything because she simply volunteers. Even when things get busy and client feedback seems rough, she keeps a positive attitude and brings her best to the team each and every day.”

    Jason Mical | ACD, Wunderman Seattle
  • “Kate is a copywriting dynamo. She has a keen ability to get to the crux of the project and identify exactly how to get an audience to take the action you want them to. She’s excellent at adapting her writing to each brand’s voice and comes up with solutions that are consistently spot-on. She’s a hard worker, delivers on time and, on top of that, she’s a blast to work with. I’d bring her on to any copy project without hesitation.”

    Nicki Krawczyk | Copy Manager, Smarter Travel Media

A Few Past & Present Clients

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